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jet setter

A clean design that is in contrast to the energy in the pipe’s heart.

Sepia is the intersection of the brilliance of Bohemian glassmaking, cold shapes of stainless steel and an invincible energy that drives it to unexplored regions. It adores adventure, is not afraid and takes up challenges from all rivals. It follows its dream unwaveringly on a round-the-world tour.

Timeless stand

The inexhaustible energy of all the Sepia models outsmarts even the severest enemy – time. It reaches immortality also thanks to its stand made of gracefully cut stainless steel.


Facets on the glass body of the Cascada model are demonstration of the masterly skills of the Bohemian glassmakers. The facets are made by means of a unique method with the aid of the so-called “hedgehog instrument”. This technology can be applied only for blown glass. Each piece is an unrepeatable original.

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Light theatre

The light module can light up the Sepia range pipes so vividly that each smoking session becomes an unforgettable show. The LED ring placed in the stand encircles the glass body of the pipe and shines through its heart with a glittery energy whose reflections penetrate even the blackest darkness like arrows of light.

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Cascada - Coralica - elementa

is unique

Our certificate confirms that the product with the serial number in the hologram is an authentic piece, handcrafted by Meduse. Verify the authenticity of your product by entering the serial number.

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We offer custom sandblasting of your dedication or any other text on glass corpus of your Meduse shisha pipe.

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